Two collections of scrubs for women: blue sky Classic and Grey Label.

Our staple and most well-known collection, blue sky Classic, includes Shelby, Simple, Urban, Aurora, Summer, Custom, and the soon-to-be-retired Original. Each of these styles sports a white blue sky scrubs tag and they are all made with the same fabric and fit -- so they should always fit and feel the same. The fabrics will match across each of the blue sky Classic style, so rest assured you can mix a Simple top with an Urban bottom. All of our Classic scrubs have a relaxed, All-American fit and are made in the USA.

Our newest collection, Grey Label, is available in the Simple Style and the soon-to-be-retired Original style. Both of these styles sport a grey blue sky scrubs tag. The fabrics between the Grey Label styles will match each other but will not match with the blue sky Classic scrubs. Grey Label scrubs are more of a fitted, European cut, are popular with the petite group, and are imported.

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