Your New Favorite Blue Sky Undershirt: The Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee

Here at Blue Sky Co., we always focus on designing clothes for medical professionals like you that keep you comfortable and looking great while you work, and when you’re off the clock. You might already know all about our amazing collection of scrubs, (and if you’re lucky you might even own some of them!) but undershirts are equally important for your comfort. And today we’re going to explore one of our favorite undershirts, The Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee, and talk about three ways that it can help you in your workplace!

Comfortable Fabrics

First thing’s first, this undershirt is guaranteed to keep you comfortable. It's made of a perfect blend of 50% polyester, 37.5% cotton and 12.5% rayon, so we know it can keep you comfortable through your entire shift. The Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee is also extremely durable, and the addition of the hood can help when you’re out in the cold.

Special Properties

Now for the fun stuff. This undershirt comes with some amazing properties that really set it apart from other undershirts out there. Its moisture-wicking and antimicrobial! That means you’ll stay sweat-free no matter what you do in it, and the antimicrobial properties will keep the undershirt fresh and clean!


For the ultimate comfort, wear this undershirt under your favorite Blue Sky scrub outfit and you’ll be unbelievably comfy. Or, if you’re just at home looking for something easy to put on, pop on the Tyler Hooded Tee and just some scrub pants! When you go with Blue Sky attire, its comfortable no matter where you are. We know this undershirt will look and feel great on you, and as you can see, there’s lots to do with it and you’ll have many opportunities to put it on and feel great in it. To see more of our collection of undershirts, scrubs, lab coats and more, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.