Your Excellent Scrub Cap

The tools of your trade: your lab coat, your gloves, and your scrub cap. These are the things you never go into work without. Scrub caps help to contain your hair as you work, protecting yourself and others against harmful contaminants. Overall, we use them to maintain a sterile environment. But Blue Sky scrubs believes that your scrub cap makes an excellent accessory to your work attire! That’s one reason why we offer so many types of scrub caps for both men and women. Our fashionable work uniforms are high-quality, durable, and comfortable.

For Women

No matter what your style permits, Blue Sky offers so many gorgeous patterns that we believe you’ll easily find a scrub cap that you will love. Learn about our Pixie, Poppy, and Pony style scrub caps and you’ll see for yourself! We also offer several stylish prints we think you’ll adore: flowers, hearts, zebra print, and several holiday-themed patterns. You can choose a favorite print, or even start your own collection!

For Men

For men, we offer a wide variety of patterned caps, including (but not limited to!) plaid, pinstripes, cartoon characters, or- if you’re feeling festive, Halloween themed. Scrub cps not only help you to look professional, but they can also help patients feel more comfortable as you work with them. They can be great ice-breakers during conversation. Make your patients giggle with a festive, orange scrub cap that’s covered in spooky, crawly spiders! Boo!

Why Blue Sky?

Blue Sky Scrubs is proud to offer a wide selection of medical attire and scrub pants to help you dress professionally, but also personably! You’ll look and feel great sporting one of our perfectly-fitted, luxurious scrub hats. Head to our website at to find the perfect fit and pattern in a scrub cap that you adore.