Your Blue Sky Guide To Finding The Right Nursing Shoe

If you’ve ever worked a long shift on your feet, which you most likely have if you work in the medical field, then you know how vital it is to have a comfortable shoe. Without a comfortable work shoe, you can quickly develop uncomfortable pain in your feet, legs and back that makes your shift that much more difficult. Here at Blue Sky, since we care about our medical professionals, we want to give you this short guide to help you find the perfect nursing shoe!

Comfort Comes First

As we already mentioned, having the right shoe can make the difference between a great shift and an extremely uncomfortable one, so finding a comfortable shoe is the most important thing. So when you’re trying on your nursing shoes in the store, take all the time you need to walk around with them and make sure they feel great. If you’re thinking “Oh, it's a little uncomfortable now, but I’ll break them in over time.”, don’t risk it! Only buy a pair of nursing shoes that feel comfortable as soon as you try them on. Don’t forget that you’ll be wearing these shoes almost every day!

Look For Grip

In a medical workplace, you probably have to move through the hallways very quickly sometimes. So you want to make sure that you find a pair of shoes that has the right traction and grip to keep you from slipping while you work.

Match Your Style

Everyone has their own unique style, even when you’re at work! So after you’ve found a shoe with the right comfort and grip, then you can start thinking about how well it’ll match your outfit. You can even look for a nursing shoe to match your favorite Blue Sky Scrubs! If you don’t already own some of our amazingly comfortable medleisure scrubs to match your shoes with, come check out our full collection on the Blue Sky Co. website.