Worried About Staining Your Favorite Scrubs? Here's Our Advice

If you’ve ordered Blue Sky scrubs before, you probably fell in love with them as soon as you tried them on, and you promised yourself to keep your brand new high-quality scrubs as clean as you can. But when you’re working long shifts in the medical industry, it's not easy to keep scrubs clean. But don’t worry! If you keep reading, you’ll know exactly how to remove or prevent those stains from staying in your scrubs, whether they’re Blue Sky scrubs or not.

Stain Stick

Our first piece of advice is keeping a stain stick handy, whether it's in your pocket at work or in your locker. If you know you’re the clumsy type and you’re likely to spill something on your scrubs every once in a while, it's an especially good idea to keep a stain stick in your pocket where you can easily grab it.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Every medical facility should have hydrogen peroxide available, and it's a great choice for removing even the toughest of stains quickly. All you have to do is pour the peroxide on the stain, let it soak in for a while, and then rinse it off with some water. It works best if the water is cold. You should also try to use hydrogen peroxide as soon after the spill as you can, don’t give the stain too much time to sink in!

Back-up Scrubs

Sometimes the mess is too big for those first two recommendations. If that’s the case, it would be very handy to have a pair of back-up scrubs in your locker at work. That way, in case you get a stain on your scrubs, you can just change into your back-up scrubs and give your other scrubs a full wash once you get home.

We hope this advice is helpful for dealing with stains on your scrubs. You should also know that Blue Sky Scrubs are made to repel stains better than your average scrubs. To check them out for yourself, please visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.