Top Tips to Take Care of Your Blue Sky Scrubs

So you’ve just returned from your shopping spree, and you’re ready to get your new scrubs ready to wear to work! But you also want to make sure that you’re taking excellent care of them. Below we have five great tips for keeping your scrubs clean, and lasting as long as possible!

Start Off on the Right Foot

Let’s note that it’s important to start off with quality-made scrubs. It can only help! Try out Blue Sky scrubs and you won’t regret it! Discount scrubs may seem like a good idea, but deep down, you know you get what you pay for!

Prewash Your New Scrubs

After you’ve received your scrubs, it’s important to pre-wash them to let their colors set in! Add half a cup of white vinegar to the load to help properly sanitize them! Doing so will help your scrubs last longer, and stay vibrant.

Line Dry Your Newly Freshly Scrubs

If it’s possible, hang your scrubs up to dry instead of using the dryer! This will keep them from fading and shrinking (although it’s important to note that Blue Sky scrubs will not shrink on you) and will all together help them last longer!

Use the Hot Iron

It’s not an old practice, friends. Well, it is, but it’s still practiced! Use the hot iron on your scrubs. It’ll kill any remaining germs that could be lurking on the fabric, and it’ll help them look and feel more crisp and comfy!

Use the ‘Tumble,’ Setting on Low

If you’re wearing Blue Sky scrubs, they should be tumble dried on the lowest setting! Doing this will help them become more flexible after drying, which makes them a ton more comfortable! There’s just nothing better than a fresh set of scrubs, straight from the dryer!

At Blue Sky Co., we go through great effort to make sure you have quality, comfortable, luxurious scrubs! Go online today to view our collection of amazing medical scrubs!