Women's Jackets and Vests Done Right With Blue Sky Co.


We recently released a list of some of our favorite men’s outerwear for medical professionals on Men’s Jackets and Vests Done Right With Blue Sky Co., so now it's the ladies’ turn! Here’s a list of super-comfy jackets and vests made just for all the hard working women out there!

Kensington Softshell Vest

This 100% polyester vest comes in four different color options for you to choose from. But no matter how it looks, it's always just as comfortable! For those of you who prefer the look and feel of a vest over a jacket, and you prefer not to have sleeves restricting your arms while you work, this is definitely the right choice for you. This amazing vest is fleece-lined and guaranteed to keep you warm to the core whether you’re inside working hard in a chilly hospital, or outside facing the cold weather.

Cameron Thermal Knit Jacket

We like to call the Cameron Thermal Knit Jacket the “ultimate multitasker” for many reasons. First of all, it's got elastane side panels that help give you an extra stretch. It's also moisture-wicking, so you can spill on it or sweat in it without having to worry about it staying wet and uncomfortable. And let’s not forget, this jacket is extremely breathable! So while it does a great job of keeping you warm in cold temperatures, it's also a great workout jacket!

Haddington Softshell Jacket

This Blue Sky staple of a jacket, made of 100% polyester, is sure to take care of all your cold weather-related problems! It has a microfleece lining that’s not just the softest thing you’ve ever felt, it's also water-resistant and breathable! And it comes in six unique color options!

To view all of these amazing jackets and vests for yourself, please visit the Blue Sky Co. website.