Why Wear Surgical Caps And Navy Blue Scrubs

Why Wear Surgical Caps And Navy Blue Scrubs?

Choosing to go into the medical profession for a career is a noble choice, and it requires a tremendous amount of empathy, commitment, and devotion to your work and your patients.

Nurses and doctors alike must follow protocol when it comes to hygiene. Keeping the environment inside the hospital or clinic and yourself clean and neat ensures you do not risk the patients' health or your own.

Scrub hats, tops, and bottoms are essential to medical professionals' uniforms. Depending upon where you work, some hospitals and medical facilities have a dress code you are expected to follow. We will discuss why you should wear surgical caps and navy blue scrubs if you have a choice.

Reasons To Wear Surgical Hats

Surgical caps are also referred to as surgical cap, nurse caps, scrub hats, medical caps, and other names, and there are several reasons why medical professionals wear them. Surgical hats come in various sizes, colors, fabrics, and disposable paper caps. Fabric caps are generally more comfortable but can fall off if not appropriately tied, and paper caps do not breathe as well as the fabric caps.

1. Uniform Code or Choice

Scrub caps may be an optional part of the uniform depending upon where you work and what you are doing, but many nurses opt to wear them even if they are not required. Surgical hats are an essential part of your uniform and are generally required when working in a surgical environment.

Scrub caps help keep and maintain a clean and tidy appearance and help distinguish staff members from other people working at the facility.

2. Protects Your Patients

Surgical caps can help minimize and prevent contamination of a nurse’s work environment and help maintain sterility. When a nurse wears a surgical hat on their head, it allows them to enter rooms without worrying about spreading germs on their scalp or hair from other areas to their patients.

3. Protects Medical Professionals From Germs

Nurses and doctors use protective gear to help protect them from germs a patient may have on the skin or hair.

Nursing students wear scrub caps while working in medical facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes. They are wearing protective gear on their head to help mitigate the risk of infections that can be transmitted by patients with life-threatening diseases like Hepatitis B, AIDS, etc. The scrub caps also help keep the nurses’ hair from coming in contact with body fluids, blood, food, or other things related to disease transmission.

4. Keeps Hair Out Of The Way

Scrub hats keep hair out of your face, and most importantly, it keeps hair out of the way of sterile instruments when you are working.

5. For Surgical Procedures

Doctors, nurses, nurses, and sometimes patients wear surgical caps in the operating room to keep wound and incision areas clean and surgical instruments sterile for sterility reasons.

Besides surgical caps, scrub tops and bottoms are an essential part of the uniform and are available in many colors, styles, and patterns. While there are many color choices, here are some reasons you would want to wear navy blue scrubs.

Reasons To Wear Navy Blue Scrubs

Years ago, white scrubs were standard in surgery; however, when the doctor's eyes would shift from focusing on the patient seeing the red-colored blood and organs onto white, they would see a green illusion of the internal parts of the patient on the white background.

When doctors are doing surgery, they primarily look at red because it is the primary color of the patient's internal organs and blood. The longer the eyes are staring at the color red, they begin to become desensitized to it, and the red signal in the brain starts to fade, making it more challenging to detect details of the internal human body. Since the discovery that blue or green scrubs had the added benefit of aiding the doctor's eyes to adjust and not see the disturbing ghosts any longer, the color of scrubs worn in the surgical room changed.

Blue can help refresh the doctors’ and nurses' vision of red, including a patient's internal area, improve their eyes and increase their sensitivity to red.

Other benefits to wearing blue scrubs include:

  • Blue is often associated with depth and stability
  • Blue symbolizes loyalty, trust, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence
  • It is easier to keep blue scrubs clean
  • It helps to portray a more professional look in the workplace
  • It reduces eye fatigue and provides high contrast against the white walls and floors and the red blood often seen in the working environment
  • Stains are less noticeable and blend in better

Ultimately the choice is yours unless the hospital or medical facility you work at has a dress code. Remember, a wide variety of scrubwear and accessories are available, and higher quality scrubs last longer.

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