Why Scrub Fabric Matters

Why Scrub Fabric Matters

Just as any other clothing, scrubs are made from a wide variety of materials across the industry. Depending on where you buy your scrubs, you could be looking at multiple materials; cotton, polyester, or even spandex. But, these materials are more than just a name - at the very least, they need to be durable.

When dealing with the medical industry, you (as a nurse, doctor, surgeon, etc.) end up dealing with bodily fluids, multiple cleanings, and especially washes. No one wants their clothing to suffer or become damaged just because it needs to be washed. So - from us to you; why does scrub fabric matter?

Let’s Talk Fabric

The fabric blend that medical scrubs are made of has to meet a certain criteria; it has to be cost-effective, tough, strong, comfortable, stretchy (in some cases), etc. It’s difficult to make a fabric with all of these traits. That’s why our scrubs are made with the finest fabric and the highest standards!

Comfort and Luxury

Your comfort is our number one priority - that's why our fabric is hand-picked with you in mind. Not only is the fabric comfortable to wear, it’s also extremely functional. Including sturdy (and fashionable) pockets, durable stitching, and long-lasting fibers - our scrubs have you covered from head to toe.

Finest Fabrics & Highest Standards

As we previously mentioned, we have the highest standards when it comes to choosing fabrics for our medical scrubs. You’re sure to feel comfortable, sophisticated, and professional.

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