Why Medical Professionals Wear Blue Sky Scrubs

Blue Sky Scrubs has come a long way from our humble beginnings, and we’re so thankful for all the medical professionals out there who continue to choose Blue Sky for their scrubs. We love the feedback we’ve heard from medical professionals out there who wear our scrubs every day. If you’re still unsure about purchasing Blue Sky scrubs or accessories for yourself or someone you know, you might want to hear some of our customer reviews for yourself. Here are a few key reasons that explain why many of our customers say they chose Blue Sky.

Comfortable, Durable Fabric

Have you ever tried working a full shift in cheap, uncomfortable scrubs? It's unbearable! The scrubs designed at Blue Sky are made with your comfort in mind as our top priority. We use only the finest fabrics that money can buy, and it shows in the way these scrubs feel. They’re designed not only to be super comfy, but durable.

Nothing’s worse than buying what seems to be a perfect set of scrubs, but one run through the washer and dryer ruins it. This won’t happen with Blue Sky products! We designed our scrubs to last longer by being shrink, wrinkle and fade resistant!


A lot of scrubs out there just aren’t made with enough pockets to carry around what you need for a day’s work. Blue Sky scrubs, on the other hand, have plenty of pockets which makes them extremely practical. If you need extra pockets, you can always layer one of our jackets, vests or lab coats on top of your scrubs.

Fabric Protection

Special fabric protection technology is included in our lab coats and a few other items, ensuring your outfit stays fresh. The fabric protection helps your scrubs or lab coat to automatically repel and release stains.

These are just a few of the reasons that Blue Sky remains a favorite among many medical professionals. For more information on Blue Sky scrubs, please visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.