Why Blue Sky Scrubs Beats Other Scrub Brands

Here at Blue Sky, we’re very proud of our huge collection of scrubs and accessories for medical professionals, and we’re even more proud of the great feedback that you’ve been giving us. We don’t mean to brag! It's just great to see our hard work paying off by keeping medical professionals like you comfortable and stylish in the workplace. When it comes to other brands of medical scrubs, they just don’t have what we offer. Here are just a few examples of what sets us apart.

The Finest Fabrics

First of all, when you put on a pair of medical scrubs, the very first thing you’ll pay attention to is comfort. Everything else comes secondary to comfort when you’re picking the outfit that you’ll be wearing all day at work. Many people complain about scratchy, generally uncomfortable scrubs. Not with Blue Sky! We’ve combined comfortable, breathable athleticwear with scrubs to create what we call Medleisure fabrics! We know you’ll be amazed with the feeling as soon as you put them on. You’ll know right away that you’ve never felt a set of scrubs as comfortable as ours.

Pocket Space and More

When you’re busy working a long shift at your hospital or other medical facility, you likely need to carry several items on you for long periods of time. You’ve got your phone, wallet and keys, but many people may also carry a notepad, pens, jewelry or other things in your pockets. If your normal scrubs isn’t cutting it for you in terms of pocket size and pocket quantity, try Blue Sky! We put large pockets on all of our scrubs Need extra? Try the cargo scrubs for a total of thirteen pockets!

We could go on a lot longer about things like Fabric Protection Technology and our huge collection of stylish accessories like hats. But instead, why don’t you come on over and take a look? Just visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.