Why Are Scrubs Necessary In The Medical Field?

Why Are Scrubs Necessary In The Medical Field?

Since the late 1800s, surgeons and doctors have considered using antiseptic techniques on surgical instruments. Surgical gowns and gloves were not typical until the late 19th and 20th centuries. So why do medical professionals have to wear scrubs today?

Here are the top reasons why it is necessary to wear scrubs as a medical professional.

Top 8 Reasons Why Scrubs Are Essential In The Medical Field

Just like proper shoes are required to protect your feet, acceptable attire as a medical professional is essential to protect you, your patients, hospital staff, and your family.

Reason #1. Various Colors Reduce Eye Strain

Traditionally, medical professionals all wore white scrubs, which led to many eye strain and headaches. When scrubs started to become popular, blue and green were the most common colors because those colors can refresh a doctor's vision of the color red (blood) which can lead to eye strain, especially during surgery.

Blue and green also hid certain stains better because of their natural contrast to red and were thought to provide less anxiety for patients who may see blood on the clothing of doctors and nurses.

Reason #2. Scrubs Are Easy To Wash And Dry Quickly

Having attire that is easy to wear, wash, and dry quickly is necessary for medical professionals as it takes very little time. Wearing your clothes would create the need for a vast wardrobe to maintain the sanitary practices needed for a hospital or clinical environment.

Scrubs is simple, wearable clothing that consists of a single top with no buttons, zippers, or collars and a pair of pants with a drawstring to pull them tight. Today's colors and patterns make bloodstains and other bodily fluids less noticeable, while white stains quickly. Scrubs also can withstand daily washing and drying to keep them clean.

Reason #3. Scrubs Material Is Breathable And Flexible

Generally, scrubs are a combination of cotton, polyester, and spandex and result in a flexible and breathable fabric, comfortable to wear while being light and stretchable but not tight.

Find a company that uses a blend of materials that works for you. Companies such as Blue Sky Scrubs offer handmade, ultra-comfy scrubs and accessories.

Reason #4. Scrubs Help Patients Easily Identify Medical Professionals

When someone is in the hospital, it could be confusing, and when hospital staff wears scrubs, it makes it very easy for patients to identify who the doctors, nurses, assistants, and medical staff are when they need something.

Reason #5. Scrubs Are Affordable

Affordability is essential for personal protective equipment such as scrubs which is why they are made for practical use with economically blended fabrics, especially when disposable scrubs are needed.

Higher quality scrubs are available with longevity in mind for those who want and need scrubs that can withstand the daily washing in sometimes harsh chemicals. You want your scrubs to stay in excellent condition as long as possible, and it is essential to learn how to care for them.

Reason #6. Scrubs Reduce Cross-Contamination Protecting Medical Professionals And Patients

Imagine the level of unseen bacteria and viruses that could stay on your clothes from a day working in a hospital.

Wearing Scrubs helps keep the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, and potential cross-contamination to a minimum, protecting patients and the general public from being exposed to potentially deadly illnesses.

Reason #7. Scrubs Are Designed For Medical Professionals

Comfort, functionality, and practicality are all considered when designing scrubs. There are usually several pockets for necessary things such as surgical scissors, stethoscopes, penlight, and pens that are always needed to make notes on hospital charts or basic tasks.

Reason #8. Scrubs Help To Protect Medical Professionals And Their Family

Scrubs are often infused with antimicrobial fibers that help to combat possible direct contamination when working with a sick patient.

Hospitals and clinics are obvious hotspots for viruses and bacteria, and nurses and doctors are at a greater risk of exposure due to working in that environment. All sanitary measures put in place and utilized can help protect patients and medical professionals from getting sick or spreading illnesses.

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