Which Scrub Cap Should You Purchase?

Which Scrub Cap Should You Purchase?

Here at Blue Sky Co., we offer a wide variety of medical scrub caps. Today we’re going to talk all about them! Hopefully within our selection of medical scrub hats, you’ll find just what you’ve been looking for all along. We believe you will!

Scrub Caps for Women: Poppy, Pixie, Pony

We have three different scrub hats for women (besides disposable caps). The Poppy hat fits like a bouffant style cap, covering all of your hair and keeping it out of the way so that you can do your best job! The Pony hat, as its name suggests, is perfect for ponytails! And lastly, the Pixie scrub hat is designed for shorter hair; it has a flap in the back that securely holds back your hair. You can stay productive without worrying about flyaways or messy hair!

Scrub Cap Patterns for Men

Our men’s collection of medical scrub hats is sure to be just what you’re searching for! Check out these awesome patterns: Bon Voyage is all about those nautical themes! It’s great for the boat owner, or the lake lover. Hall of Fame is perfect for the baseball fan; red-stitched baseballs decorate an off white canvas. Whatever pattern you choose, you’ll be sure to love it!

Disposable Scrub Caps

Lastly, we have disposable scrub caps available. These durable scrub caps are so much like their trendy and long-lasting parents that you might be tempted to keep them, and not dispose of the caps! Disposable caps are available in both Pixie and Pony designs. They’re incredibly useful!

Blue Sky Co. is beyond proud to present these wonderful scrub caps! To view our entire collection of medical scrubwear, simply log onto our website at www.blueskyscrubs.com! There, you’ll find everything you need out of medical attire, including customized scrubs that you’re bound to love!