Which Patterns Do You Prefer?

Which Patterns Do You Prefer?

At Blue Sky Co., we know how much you love showing off your style with a great scrub cap pattern! That’s why we’ve made sure to have plenty of solids and patterns available for you to choose from. But let’s break it down and take a glance at a few of our favorite patterns! Which one do you prefer?

Patterns for Women

Star Spangled Banner is a great way to show off a little patriotism! We know July 4th has already passed, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less stylish! The background is striped with Navy and Red, and there are gorgeous white stars sprinkling the canvas!

If you feel like showing off some Texas pride, then Lone Star State is a pattern that’s perfect for you! This scrub cap pattern is designed with iconic images that Texas is famous for, like bluebonnets, a cowboy boot, and a yellow rose!

Antonella is a beautiful floral pattern that’s almost a must have, when it comes to floral patterns, that is. The backdrop is a dark grey, and is covered in beautiful blossoms of green, yellow, and pink. We know you’ll love it!

Patterns for Men

When it comes to plaid, this one’s a staple: Alexander Plaid. This gorgeous plaid pattern is made up mostly of navy and kelly green, with a thin red stripe running through. It definitely stands out in the crowd.

Avery Rock Plaid is a timeless pattern of navy and cream colored checkers. It looks great paired with a set of navy David scrubs, or even slate grey!

Major League is a pattern that’s perfect for the baseball lover, as its name suggests! Against a Navy background, cream colored baseballs fall all around. Buy it for yourself or gift it to a friend; they’re bound to love it!

We hope you’ve loved perusing these patterns just as much as we have! And don’t forget, Blue Sky Co. is about far more than just scrub caps! Log online today to view the entire collection.