Which Blue Sky Scrub Cap Suits Your Hairstyle?

Which Blue Sky Scrub Cap Suits Your Hairstyle?

Ladies, you may be wondering which scrub cap you should choose when shopping at Blue Sky Co.! But don’t worry, because we’re going to give you a preview of each type of scrub cap we have to offer, and even show off a few of our favorite patterns! Get ready for the ultimate guide on which scrub cap suits your hairstyle best.

The Poppy

The Poppy scrub cap fits like a perfect bouffant-style cap. It suits all hairstyles and lengths and is our most versatile scrub cap yet!

The Pixie

The pixie scrub cap is great for short hair, or pixie haircuts. It has a flap in the back that secures your hair. And it stays that way for your entire shift; you’ll find it so comfortable you won’t be able to switch to any other brand!

The Pony

As its name suggests, the Pony scrub cap effortlessly holds a pony tail perfectly in place. Available in a wide assortment of solids and patterns, this cap is perfect for long or medium length hair!

Spooktacular Prints and Patterns

Blue Sky Co. has quite a few patterns this year to celebrate the spooky season! Here are some of our favorites:

Happy Halloween features an adorable scene of trick or treaters, all decked out in their costumes! You’re bound to love it.

All Hallow's Eve is a jet black pattern with “BOO!” printed in large letters. It’s perfect for showing off your festive spirit!

Hocus Pocus features prints of a wacky witch and pumpkins against a dim white background. It’s absolutely adorable!

Spooky Sunrise is a great men’s scrub cap for the season; it features creepy crawly spiders across a bright orange background.

In our Spooky Clothesline pattern, pieces of a spooky costume decorate a purple polka dotted background. Spooktacular. Our store is located at 2209 Donley Dr. Austin, Texas 78758 or online at www.blueskyscrubs.com .