Which Blue Sky Scrub Cap is Best for You?

Which Blue Sky Scrub Cap is Best for You?

Finding the perfect surgical scrubs is never easy! Between wanting something affordable but not so cheap that it falls apart after the second wash, and wanting it to be professional but still comfortable, the search for the dream pair can take awhile...

That’s why Blue Sky decided to put an end to that. With our affordable prices, our wide variety of styles, and our “oh-so-comfortable-you’ll-never-want-to-take-them-off” feel, we know how to do scrubs just right.

But we don’t stop at just tops and bottoms. No scrub outfit is complete without the perfect scrub cap, so we’ve gone out of our way to create styles fit for every personality and look. Whether you’re looking for something classic, something that says a statement, or something that is worn once and then done, we have exactly what you’re looking for!

The Pony Scrub Hat

Arguably our most fashionable scrub style to-date, the Pony hat is perfect for someone who wants to showcase his or her personality!

The Pony style ties the hair in a ponytail while still keeping everything covered, clean, and within guidelines. Hate the feel of your hair at the back of your neck? This style keeps it out of the way so you can concentrate on what’s important.

The Pixie Scrub Hat

The Pixie hat is our fun spin on the classic. Our lightweight, easy to wash fabric covers the head and hair and ties securely at the base of the head. With countless different patterns, the Pixie scrub hat is perfect for any style, situation, or task!

The Poppy Scrub Hat

If you’re looking for an easy, full-coverage hat without any ties or ribbons, the Poppy is for you. With dazzling patterns, beautiful colors, and a no-nonsense design, this is perfect for the on-the-go person.

Disposable Scrub Hats

Whether it’s a requirement for your job or just a requirement to keep your sanity, disposable scrub hats are always a good choice. They come in both the classic Pixie and the Pony styles so you have the choice of the perfect fit, no matter the duration of the wear!

So, here’s the bottom line: stop settling for uncomfortable caps and find the perfect surgical cap today at Blue Sky Scrubs! Your head, and fashion sense, will thank you.