Where to Wear Your Scrubs

Where to Wear Your Scrubs

You love your Blue Sky scrubs, and we understand why! After all, we’ve made them just to suit you. So since they’re so comfortable, and even fashionable- where can we wear them? Below, we have a few ideas as to where else you can wear your hospital scrubs, and how you can wear them out!

At the Hospital

Of course, a good rule of thumb is to only wear your scrubs at work! At least until they’re worn enough to be retired- once that happens, they’re free game! But saving your medical scrubs for your shifts helps to preserve them so that they last you much longer.

At Home

Scrubs are great to wear for just lounging around the house! Our scrubs are comfortable, moveable, and breathable. So if you’re at home relaxing, you may want to dawn an old pair of scrubs and relax.

Have you let your lawn guy off for the fall and winter seasons? Well, now you can trade those jeans for a pair of retired scrub pants, and get to work! Since they are so breathable, they work wonderfully for outdoor activities, not just mowing the lawn. You can also weed the garden, or trim the bushes- all in comfort!

When Fido or Fluffy need a bath, scrubs are great for protecting you from the messes that could result from bathing them. Mud stains, dirty paws, and who knows what else your pet has been rolling in… let it all get onto your scrubs, and not your street clothes!

Finally, when it’s time to clean the house, scrubs will protect you from chemicals and everyday messes! You can tackle the bathroom, kitchen, and underneath that couch with ease, and not have to worry about accidentally bleaching your favorite t-shirt! Of course, use a pair of retired scrubs for this to avoid bleaching those, too…

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