Where to find the best medical scrubs in the world?

Where to find the best medical scrubs in the world?

At Blue Sky Co., we like to say that our scrubs are so luxurious that you’ll want to wear them after work- and we believe it! Not to mention, there are many uses for scrubs outside of medical and laboratory settings. Here, we’ll scope out a few instances in which medical scrubs can be very useful, as opposed to wearing street clothes. From washing the dog, to doing the dishes, check out these 5 uses for retired (or favorite, if you want to risk it)  comfortable medical scrubs.

Washing the Dog (or Cat)

Giving the dog (or cat- yes, cats can take baths too!) a bath can leave you partially wet, or fully wet, depending on how your pet behaves near water. Feel irritable no more! It’s okay for scrubs to get wet- they’re made for that!

Weeding the Flowerbeds and Gardens ( + mowing the lawn)

Why dirty your blouse while sprucing up the garden and flower beds? Scrubs will protect you from mud and dirt, and can easily be thrown into the washing machine when you’re finished.


Hear us out! Your medical scrubs are soft and flexible, and if you wear them home to work you can skip a change of clothes before your workout routine. This makes everything easy-peasy!

Going on Cleaning Sprees

Washing the dishes can also leave you partially wet, but you can avoid this by wearing a retired pair of scrubs on cleaning day. Just like at work, your scrubs will protect you from cleaning chemicals and messes- whether it be soap scum or kitchen goo!

Washing the Car

When you’re done rinsing all of the mud and pollen off of your vehicle, you can simply pull off your scrub set and change into a clean set of clothes.  Scrubs are easily washed in the washing machine, making them a very convenient outfit for messy tasks.