When Should You Buy New Stretch Scrubs?

When Should You Buy New Stretch Scrubs?

For those of you who work in the medical industry and/or wear medical scrubs on a regular basis, you know how quickly you can go through them! Sometimes, it’s just time. Time to buy a new pair of scrubs! So when exactly is that time? Well, here are three reasons you should look into purchasing new scrubs:

Are They Worn and Faded?

To start, if your scrubs simply look like they need replacing- they probably need replacing! If their fabrics are worn, or their colors aren’t as vibrant and deep as they used to be, it might be time to purchase new scrubs. But don’t fret; Blue Sky Co. has dozens of shades available for our scrubs! You’ll fall in love with our bright, distinct colors.

Are They Torn?

This one’s kind of obvious: if your scrubs are torn, it’s time to go shopping for sure. It doesn't matter where the tear is, if it’s inconspicuous or not. Torn scrubs are flat out unprofessional! So at the first sign of a tear in your medical uniform, head to Blue Sky Co. for a replacement pair!

Are They Uncomfortable?

Lastly, if your medical uniform just drives you crazy with discomfort, it’s time for a different pair! If your pants are baggy, your top is too short and boxy, or the waistline is too wide, throw those scrubs out! Blue Sky Co. has incredibly comfortable scrubs that are not only luxuriously soft, but are customizable! We allow you to alter aspects such as inseam length and top length, as well as style and stitching!

At Blue Sky Co. we just want you to be comfortable in your scrubs. So when your medical uniform is faded, torn, or flat out uncomfortable, come see us; we’ll outfit you in the most modern, professional, durable medical attire out there!