When It's Time to Retire Your Blue Sky Medical Scrubs

When It's Time to Retire Your Blue Sky Medical Scrubs

It’s inevitable: our gorgeous, long-lasting medical scrubs need to retire at some point. After all, we do work incredibly long hours which means our scrubs are working those hours, too. However, that doesn’t mean it’s time for them to hit the trash just yet! Besides working in the medical industry, scrubs are good for so many other purposes. Today on our blog, we’ve got a few ideas just for you.

Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning!

We wear scrubs throughout the day at work to ward off germs and chemicals -- why wouldn’t they serve the same purpose at home? When you can no longer wear those scrubs to work, throw ‘em on when it’s time for a thorough cleaning day around the house!

You won’t have to worry about any other clothes getting grime or other messes on them and the scrub material is perfect for this use anyways. Especially when it comes to cleaning up after your kids or pets; bodily fluids, cages, or even giving your sweet pup a bath.

Working in the Yard

From gardening to mowing the lawn, your medical scrubs are a great outfit to wear when you’re getting the job done. You’ll need clothing that’s flexible so that you can bend, stand, and bend again with ease.

Grass stains are the worst and are so difficult to launder out. You’ll also need something you can get dirty in, and old scrubs are perfect for that.

Babysitting or Pet Sitting

Spit up and muddy paws won’t be an issue when you’re wearing scrubs. And if you have multiple pairs that need to be retired, that’s all the better- as you may need to change them more than once.

Plus, when it’s time to retire an old pair of scrubs, that means you’re making room for new scrubs. What’s more fun than shopping for new clothes? Check out our incredible selection online at www.blueskyscrubs.com.