What's Important in a Nursing Shoe- Uniform Scrubs

What's Important in a Nursing Shoe- Uniform Scrubs

How have your feet been feeling lately? We know you spend countless hours pacing or even jogging those hospital hallways, and frankly, any job that requires tons of standing is going to hurt your feet. So let’s go over what you need out of your nursing shoes! We’ll show you exactly what you should be looking for.

A Pain-Free Shoe

This may seem obvious, but we have to start here! You’re going to need a pain-free shoe. You’ll need something that doesn’t hurt or constrict your feet as you walk and stand. Runners’ shoes can be really helpful here, as they provide sufficient support and comfort. Try those out and see what you find! Remember- if they’re not comfortable in the store, they’re not going to be comfortable in the hospital.

A Stylish Shoe

Next, look for something stylish. Obviously you’re going to want to like what you’re wearing, especially at work, where you spend most of your time. So find what suits your fancy and go with it! As long as this stylish shoe is also supportive and meets dress code standards, you’re in the clear, we believe!

A Supportive Shoe

Finally, look for a nursing shoe with adequate support! Runners’ shoes should have it and we’ve already mentioned those; we highly suggest them here at Blue Sky Co.. You need a shoe that’s going to support your toes, foot, and ankle so you can turn those corners with grace and ease! You know it’s out there; you’ll find your perfect pair of shoes.

After you’ve found your next favorite pair of nursing shoes, head on over to our website to view our collection and get ready to upgrade your work wardrobe! We have everything you may need, from scrubs, to lab coats, and scrub caps! We even have outerwear to keep you warm this season. Head on over!