What's Best in a Nursing Shoe

What's Best in a Nursing Shoe

Could it be time to replace your nursing shoes? We know that the timing tends to always be wrong, but it’s highly important that you take proper care of your feet, and give them the support that they need. After all, in this profession, your feet could really use a break! So before you go out shopping, let’s take a glance at a few guidelines to follow when choosing the best nursing shoes!

Style and Appeal

First, let’s start off with style, because we want you to actually enjoy wearing your nursing shoes! After all, you’ll be wearing them day in and day out. You’re going to want to like them. So find a shoe that shouts “you!” and appeals to all of your fashionable tastes. We know there’s one out there.


You know how quickly you pace and turn those hospital hallways, and you know how likely it is that you could slip and take a heavy, painful fall! Having nursing shoes with good grip is a must in this working environment! Try running shoes, or walking shoes, even. They should provide you with enough traction to keep you moving quickly, but still safely.

Adequate Support

Finally, your shoes need to have adequate support, or else this is all for nothing, really! You’re on your feet all day long, and into the night as well, we’re sure. Your shoes need to hold you up shift long! Find a pair that screams “support!” and you’ll be all set.

Follow these guidelines, friends, and you’ll find the perfect pair of shoes for your job! And as always, we here at Blue Sky Co. encourage you to log online and peruse our collection of medical attire! We’re always finding new ways to make your scrub uniform more stylish and comfortable. So head on over today!