What You Need Out of Nursing Shoes

What You Need Out of Nursing Shoes

Do you think it might be time to replace your nursing shoes? That time seems to creep up on us, doesn’t it? But the fact of the matter is that in this profession, you’re on your feet so frequently that your shoes wear down quicker; you need to replace them more often. So before you go out shopping, take a look at these few guidelines for what to look for in a good nursing shoe:

Comfort and Style

First, make sure you actually like the shoes! You must, or else you won’t enjoy wearing them! So check for a pair of shoes you actually like. Shoes that are colorful and vibrant, perhaps. Or maybe you’re looking for something a little less conspicuous. No matter what type of style you’re looking for, we hope you find it!


Think of how quickly you turn the corners in those hospital hallways. You need a good pair of supportive shoes that has adequate grip! Going with a cheaper pair with less grip might mean risking injury; slipping and falling can be very dangerous! Avoid these disasters by purchasing a pair of shoes with excellent grip.


What about support? You definitely need that in a good pair of nursing shoes. A good pair of shoes will have adequate support on all sides, and they won’t wear down quickly. Try a pair of runner’s shoes!

While Blue Sky Co. doesn’t carry nursing shoes, we certainly care about the type that you wear! Follow these guidelines and you’ll be good to go. The next thing you’ll want to do is log online to our website, and check out what we do have to offer! From scrubs, to scrub accessories like hats, jackets, and lab coats, we have everything else you’ll need for nursing school. Don’t hesitate; log online today!