What Up with Tall Scrubs?

What Up with Tall Scrubs?

Here at Blue Sky Co., we know that not every set of scrubs fits everyone the same. That’s why, in addition to other variations of scrubwear, we’ve created tall scrub pants! They’re the perfect pants for taller folks- our friends who need a little bit of length. And they’re available to you in several professional colors, making them the best work companion. Let’s take a look at what our Tall scrub pants have to offer!

Tall Classic Shelby Scrub Pants

We’ll start with our Tall Shelby scrub pants! These scrubs were made with a longer, 33 inch inseam! They’re perfect for when regular scrub pants just don’t fit you quite right! And of course, these scrub pants have our Shelby white designer stitching on the back. They look absolutely beautiful and are made with top notch, best-around-the-world fabrics!

Tall Classic Simple Scrub Pants

These Tall Simple scrub pants are made of everything great that’s in our Shelby scrub pants, but without that white designer stitching. It gives them more of a, well, simplistic look, which may be totally up your alley! If so, you definitely know where to find them! And while you’re there, check out the rest of our collection. You’ll fall in love with what you find.

Where it All Began

Do you ever wonder about where Blue Sky Co. all began? Well, we’ll tell you where. It began right in Shelby’s living room, as a scrub cap sewn from scrap fabric! Gradually, our Classic Shelby scrubs were created. And today, we finally have our Shelby scrubs available with a longer inseam!

If you’re in need of tall scrubs, we hope we’ve helped you out here! Not having the correct fitting scrubwear can really put you in a pickle, when it comes to dressing professionally! So get the right fitting scrubs here at Blue Sky Co.!