What to Look For in Nursing Shoes

What to Look For in Nursing Shoes

When you’re on your feet constantly, it’s important to know what type of shoe should be cushioning and supporting those feet! Ill-fitting shoes are very common sources of back, knee, and leg pain. So let’s avoid this all together by finding the right nursing shoes! Because everyone knows pacing those hospital hallways is no easy feat.

Appearance and Style

Everyone wants to like the way their shoes look! Appearance and style play a major role in choosing the right pair of nursing shoes. Just remember that how your shoes fit is going to be the main selling point. So let comfort and support take precedence over appearance and style!


Now, let’s talk about comfort. Your nursing shoes should provide enough cushion to keep the aches and pains away, at least for the most part (we all know that after so long of being on your feet, barely anything helps!). And remember that how your shoes fit in the store is a good representation of how they’ll fit overall, so if they’re uncomfortable when you try them on, put them back on the rack!


Finally, support. Support is highly important in a shoe. A helpful hint is to look at runner’s shoes, as these shoes tend to provide comfort and support at the same time. They make great nursing shoes and they’ll last you a long time.

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