What to Look For in a Scrub Cap

What to Look For in a Scrub Cap

Are you setting out to purchase a new scrub cap, but aren’t quite sure what to look for? That’s understandable, especially if it’s your first time! Today we’re here to discuss what you should be looking for in a scrub hat, and brag a bit about Blue Sky Co.’s collection- we believe you’ll love every pattern, every style!


Of course, you want your scrub cap to be comfortable. How annoying is it to have to constantly adjust your hair and scrub cap, because it just doesn’t feel right? Well, with Blue Sky Co., that won’t at all be the case! Our caps fit you well, are luxuriously soft, and help you stay comfy all day long. We also carry the finest scrubs in the world


Your scrub cap should fit you to the T- it’s what you deserve! It needs to hold your hair securely and comfortably. That’s exactly why we’ve come up with our 3 styles of caps: The Poppy, which fits all hair styles, the Pony, which securely holds your ponytail/long hair in place, and the Pixie, which is meant for shorter hairstyles. Options mean that you can find the fit you need!


Finally, you’ll want some style when it comes to your new scrub hat. Whether that means choosing between our Poppy or Pixie scrub cap, or choosing a pattern from our wide array of designs, a scrub cap gives you a great opportunity to show off your fashion sense!

Blue Sky Co.’s collection of Poppy, Pixie, and Pony scrub caps are a set of stunning scrubwear. If you aren’t convinced yet, log onto our website today and view what we have to offer; we’re certain you’ll fall in love with our modern and stylish medical uniforms and accessories! And don’t forget- we carry disposable caps too, just in case!