What Makes The Blue Sky Scrubs Different?

What Makes The Blue Sky Scrubs Different?

This holiday season, while you’re packing for your extended weekend getaway, be sure to include your favorite pair of Blue Sky scrubs! If you’ve never before considered vacationing in your scrubs, we’re about to convince you to give it a shot this season, because scrubs are useful all around: both inside and outside of the hospital!

  1. Vacation/Traveling

Easy to pack and comfortable to wear in the car, we think scrubs are a great asset to have with you on vacation! Traveling a few states away for the holidays this year? Let your Blue Sky scrubs make the drive a more cozy one.

  1. Lounging Around

You may not think of your medical scrubs as pajamas while you’re wearing them at work, but who’s to say they aren’t warm and snug enough to lounge around in? Whether you’re taking a personal day or you’re feeling under the weather, your scrubs will be there for you.We also have a the perfect scrub cap for men and women.  

  1. Yard Work & Chores

We recommend wearing an older, retired set of scrubs for yard work and household chores. Still, setting grass and mud stains aside, scrubs are great to wear while working outdoors: you’ll stay cool, comfortable, and will be able to move around freely, courtesy of your scrubs’ lightweight, flexible fabric. When you’re done for the day, toss your scrubs in the wash and save them for next time! Scrubs are easy to launder and care for.

Have your medical scrubs ever been so comfortable that you’ve wanted to wear them after work? If your answer is ‘no,’ we invite you to browse our selection of medical scrubs! Once you try on Blue Sky scrubs, you’ll never trust any other brand. Our scrubs are made with luxuriously soft fabrics, and and be customized to fit you flawlessly!