What Makes Our Medical Scrubs Different

What Makes Our Medical Scrubs Different

Maybe you’re out shopping for your newest set of scrubs, and before you finalize your purchase, you have a few questions. Why are our medical scrubs so special? What makes our brand so much more preferable than others? We’re happy to tell you and to help finalize any decisions you’re getting ready to make for your next set of scrubs! Read on to find out the very difference our scrubs can make in your work day.  Made in Austin, Texas!

The Softest Fabric Around the World

Our medical scrubs truly are made from the absolute softest fabrics we could find! They’re made of a flawless blend of 65% polyester, and 35% cotton. They’re gentle on your skin, moveable, and comfortable. We’re certain you’ll be able to feel the difference in our brand.

Durable and Breathable Fabrics

Our scrubs are durable, meaning they’ll last you much longer than most brands! Their fabric may be soft, but it’s tough and can withstand many a shift of wear and tear! They’re also breathable, so your scrubs won’t feel stifling while you’re busy at work. You’ll breathe easy in the most comfortable scrubs around.

Wrinkle and Fade-Resistant

To help your scrubs last as long as possible, we’ve created them to be wrinkle and fade-resistant! That’s right, even after a dozen washes, we hope that your scrubs are still as vibrant as they were the day you purchased them.

Are you feeling convinced yet? These are three fantastic reasons for purchasing our technical scrubs over other brands, and we’re glad to have spread the word! Now all you need to do is log online today to our website, view our stunning collection, and finalize your purchase! Don’t forget to check out the accessories we offer like scrub caps, lab coats, jackets, vests, and more! We are the number one place for designer  women's scrubs