What Is the Pony Scrub Hat?

For over ten years, Blue Sky Co. has been committed to providing comfortable, quality, and stylish scrub tops and bottoms for men and women in the medical field. But did you know that our company began with the Pony Scrub Hat? When we started our business, fashionable scrubs were not exactly a thing, but we rose to the challenge, beginning with our Pony Scrub Hat. We also donate to help medical professionals give back. 

Handmade beginnings: the Pony Scrub Hat is born.

Blue Sky’s owner, Shelby, was working as a nurse when she was inspired to add some color and style to a basic uniform item: the scrub hat. She perfected a hand-stitched prototype of a Pony Scrub Hat from her collection of fabric scraps in fun, modern prints, and when she wore it to work, suddenly everyone wanted one!

Why scrub hats?

Starting in the 1940s, scrub hats and caps became part of a hospital’s standard uniform, as a result of efforts to create a more hygienic working environment. These days, the scrub hat has evolved from a functional item to a fashion accessory. A range of styles and fabrics are available—as well as online tutorials on how to make your own!

Blue Sky’s Pony Scrub Hat

Our Pony Scrub Hat is a slim-fitting cap with a ribboned pouch that ties back over a short or long ponytail. It comes in a variety of bright, modern prints, including seasonal designs to help celebrate your favorite holiday, from Valentine’s Day to Christmas. Choose from patterns that can match with several of your scrub outfits.

Our scrub hats are one size fits all. Select the style that is the best fit for how you like to wear your hair. For men and women with shorter hair, the Pixie Scrub Hat simply ties off at the nape of the neck. And if the Pony Scrub Hat doesn’t hold all your hair, shop our Poppy Scrub Hats!