​What is the "Classic Scrubs Collection?"

​What is the

blue sky Classic Scrubs Collection includes our women's scrubs with the white label (Original and Simple styles as well as our Urban Scrub Collection), Custom Scrubs, and Men's scrubs. All of our Classic scrubs have a relaxed, All-American fit and are made in the USA. blue sky Classic scrubs are sewn by hand in Texas and are made with a special fabric that is created just for us in New York. All of our Classic scrubs (white label) are made in the USA. Each top and pant within our Classic Scrubs Collection are sewn with the same fit in mind, whether they are the Original style, the Simple style, or the Urban Collection, so you can be confident that the Urban scrubs will fit you just the same as the Classic Simple scrubs. Additionally, these scrubs are all sewn with the same fabric and therefore the colors will match between any of our Classic scrubs, whether Original, Simple, or Urban. Feel free to mix-and-match a Classic Original ceil scrub bottom with an Urban ceil scrub top because the ceils will match perfectly between any Classic scrubs sewn with the white label. Our Classic scrubs pants have a low-rise, relaxed, all-American fit and compliment just about anyone's figure. When sizing your scrub pants, we recommend following the length of the waist-to-foot and not of the inseam, since these scrubs are more relaxed and versitile. We find that the average individual up to 5'10 tall can comfortably wear our Classic scrub line without releasing the hem or ordering Tall scrubs, which are available by Custom Order only. These scrubs are not created true to size, so we recommend following the Sizing Chart to find your best fit. SHOP NOW