What Do You Need in a Medical Uniform?

What Do You Need in a Medical Uniform?

So you’re all set when it comes to your scrub uniforms. You have several sets in vibrant colors and you look as professional as they come, and you’ve purchased the scrub caps to match. The only item you need to complete your medical uniform is your lab coat! Are you wondering which type you should purchase? Confused over what exactly you should be looking for? We’re here to help. We’ll outline a few guidelines on what to find in a coat, and then introduce you to Blue Sky Co.’s own collection of sleek, sharp lab coats!

What to Look For

Protection: Lab coats are essential for protecting you from harmful chemicals and messy spills. You’re probably more likely to come in contact with spills and messes than dangerous chemicals, so you’ll need a lab coat that repels stains- you’ll save yourself a headache or two, certainly.

Durability: Of course, you want your lab coat to last longer than just a year of internship. You’ll be walking, leaning and bending, and even running on a regular basis. Make sure your lab coat is made with reinforced seams and strong, lasting fabric.

Comfort: Because you’ll be crouching and jogging through hallways, your new lab coat needs to be comfortable. Just like your medical scrubs, search for soft and breathable fabrics, and enough space to move around without the risk of tearing a seam.

Lab Coats from Blue Sky Co.

Blue Sky’s Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats were designed with you in mind! They contain all of the above elements and more. They’re unbelievably soft, made to repel and resist stains, and fit to help you function and move around freely. They also feature a stand up, european-white collar to make you look absolutely dashing!

You can view these flawlessly designed lab coats online today!