What Blue Sky Scrubs Go With Our Luxe Lanyards

What Blue Sky Scrubs Go With Our Luxe Lanyards

Are you searching for a fashionable way to carry your nametag or keys? Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to spruce up your scrub uniform? Lanyards are a great way to add a personal touch to any work uniform, and Blue Sky Co. has the perfect ones for you! Get excited, and check out five of our favorites below:

Serengeti is a sparkling, zebra-striped lanyard that’s perfect for showing your love of animals- or all things black and white! Wrap it around your wrist or wear it around your neck; you’re bound to love this accessory!

Daydream about a trip to the Savannah with this cocoa-colored, African Safari lanyard. This brown beaded lanyard is looks great with a set of Ceil Blue or Sienna scrubs. We just love it!

Eddington Ebony features large dark black beads with tiny rose beads in between. Simply put, it’s a beautiful lanyard that would look sparkling with a set of Jet Black Shelby scrubs, or contrasted with pink scrubs! The rose beads are petite- just too darling!

Citrus Garden is a great lanyard for the fall season. Beautiful oval shaped beads decorate this lanyard in a bright amber color. You’ll love it, your patients and coworkers will love it, for what’s not to love about this stylish lanyard?

This lanyard, The Royals, is one of our favorites because of its deep, true-blue shades. You guessed it- royal and cerulean blue beads decorate this lanyard, with smaller beads mixed in. It’s perfect for reflecting the cool spirit of blue skies, or for daydreaming of the ocean.

You can find these lanyards and many more on our website, as well as a marvelous collection of scrubs and scrub accessories! We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers (or even- to blow them away!). So don’t be shy; log on today!