What Are Your Favorite Scrub Styles?

What Are Your Favorite Scrub Styles?

Okay, don’t be shy - we all know you likely favor some of your scrubs over others. Just as you do with other clothes (and aspects) in your life. Whether it’s the way they fit, feel, or how they look - there’s something so appealing about that certain pair of scrubs.

So, let’s talk. Do you have a favorite scrub style?

Finding the Most Comfortable Fit

The way your clothes fit affects the way you feel and move. While that may not sound like much, your comfort level can drastically affect your mood, work performance, and even those around you. To find the most comfortable fit though, there are two things to consider; the fabric and the size.

Fabric: Soft, silky, comfortable fabric is often hard to find - especially in  medical clothing. Blue Sky uses high quality fabric to provide luxury comfort.

Size: Different clothes will run in various sizes and probably fit you in different ways. To ensure you have the best fit possible, our scrubs are designed in many styles to fit anyone.

Choosing Your Favorite Patterns & Colors

Some hospitals and medical offices require certain colors for different departments, depending on the patients you work with. In this case, you may be looking for a specific shade or color. Whether that be red, blue, pink, purple - any color, let us help you find that perfect shade.

Our scrub collections have a wide array of patterns, designs, and colors. Don’t let all your scrubs look the same - change it up every now and then! You may notice a difference in the way you feel, too. Feel free to visit our website and take a look at our Blue Sky Scrubs collections.