What are Color Coded Scrubs All About?

What are Color Coded Scrubs All About?

In the medical industry, some people prefer to wear the same uniform each day. It saves time and cuts out stress in the morning (grab a clean set of ceil blue scrubs and you’re good to go)! On the other hand, other people prefer having options. Differently colored uniforms allow them to express their individual personalities, and that’s great too.

However, did you know that some hospitals enforce color coded scrubs and uniforms for their staff? Typically, serious research goes into deciding which colors will represent each department. But what exactly are these ‘color coded’ scrubs all about?

Benefits of Color Coded Scrubs

Hospitals have found that using color coded uniforms allows patients and staff members to more clearly discern which staff members belong to which departments. This helps them separate doctors from nurses, technicians from janitors, and so on. That’s a simple step that solves a ton of confusion!

Utilizing color coded scrubs also helps to save money. It’s more cost-effective to order several sets of scrubs of the same variety than to purchase many different patterns at one time.

And of course, as we mentioned before, color coded designer scrubs are much more convenient! If your uniform never changes, then preparing for your shift will be that much easier. No time spent debating color and pattern combinations- just find a clean pair, and get on your way!

Mixing it Up

If you wish to add more personality to your work uniform, Blue Sky Scrubs offers many beautiful, stylish scrub caps. You can choose from several different patterns, including but not limited to: flowers, stripes, cartoon characters, polka dots, etc! This can very easily spruce up your uniform if you’re feeling a bit bored!

For high quality, durable, luxurious medical uniforms, contact Blue Sky Scrubs today! We’re confident we can find exactly what you’re looking for!