What Are Blue Sky's Grey Label Scrubs?

What Are Blue Sky's Grey Label Scrubs?

There are a few things that we’re fine with being cheap about; like tacos at 2 a.m. or getting the upgrade that the cable company insists you need. We get it -- not everything is necessary to get the highest quality. One thing you shouldn’t be cheap about?  Your medical scrubs.

Your scrubs are an absolutely vital component to your success at work. Between having something comfortable and flexible, to having something durable and resistant, finding the perfect scrubs can change your life or help save someone else’s (literally).

That’s why Blue Sky offers a wide variety of scrub options fit for everyone’s lifestyles. But our most luxurious scrubs are hands-down the best investment you could make.

Enter the Grey Label scrubs. A revolutionary set of scrubs that combine the perfect fit, with an extremely high quality look and feel.


We wanted to find a fit that was comfortable yet looked fashionable. That’s where the Grey Label came in. With a European cut that gives a slimmer fit, the Grey Label screams high-fashion.


While the look of the Grey Label  scrubs tops and bottoms are the pinnacle of luxury, they don’t lack in comfort. We use only the highest quality material and fabric in our Grey Label scrubs so you not only have the perfect fit, but also the perfect feel. Say “so long” to choosing whether you’ll dress for feel or flattery and finally get both!


If the fit is clean and polished, and the feel is soft and cozy, how could Grey Label scrubs get better? Their look is one that you can only dream of. With vibrant colors, a tailored style, and all of the classic components you love in our scrubs (can you say “drawstring waist?”) we have found the secret to giving you a beautiful pair of long lasting scrubs without skimping on the comfort.

So the next time you’re in the market for scrubs, be sure to check out the Grey Label. Trust us – you’re worth it.