Wear Your Scrubs Out: Other Uses For Medical Attire

Wear Your Scrubs Out: Other Uses For Medical Attire

Are you looking to wear your scrubs out? That is, not in public (although you could as long as they were properly sanitized!). We’re talking retired scrubs. Scrubs that are stained, or torn, or no longer fresh enough for work. It happens to the best of scrubs: they wear out. So let’s talk other uses for your retired medical attire!

Working on the Car

Gone are the days of grease stains on your clothing! At least, your street clothing! Feel free to wear your retired medical scrubs while you’re working on the car.  Blue Sky scrubs are technical and flexible (especially if you go with our Technical line) and breathable, perfect for wearing outdoors.

Arts and Crafts

If you’re doing any painting, or messy arts and crafts, scrubs are great for wearing! You can also wear them while you paint your walls a new refreshing color, or whenever you finally take on that challenging DIY project!

Bathing the Pets

If the dog or cat is due for a bath, don a pair of retired scrubs to keep your regular clothes clean and dry! You also won’t have to cringe every time your soaked Fido wants to shake off that water in the bathtub. You can get as wet as you need to, and then just toss the scrubs in with the rest of your laundry!

Lounging Around

Yes, you can lounge in your scrubs. We know you already do it in between shifts! And we know that our scrubs are comfortable enough for lounging, especially if they’ve been worn out. Think of a blanket that only gets softer with use; it’s kind of like that!

Packing and Moving

It’s a messy process, packing and moving! So while you’re at it, going through dusty books and belongings, wear your old, worn out scrubs and protect your street clothes from rips and tears!

Of course, if you’re looking for a brand new set of scrubs, log onto our website today and find the perfect set!