Various Uses for Your Favorite Medical Scrubs

Various Uses for Your Favorite Medical Scrubs

Here at Blue Sky Co., we have a clever phrase we like to say to our customers: our scrubs are so luxurious, you’ll want to wear them after work! Well, we truly mean it! And if you’re wondering where you could possibly wear your scrubs, or what you could use them for besides being on duty, we’re here to help provide you with inspiration.


We know you know this- kiddos are messy little creatures! That’s why it’s clever to don your favorite scrubs (especially the worn out pair, the pair with the stain- do you have any retired scrubs lying around?) and get to work! If you’re babysitting these tiny tots, you’ll worry far less about staining your street clothes with spit up, spilled food, snotty noses, and so much more.


Pet-sitting is almost too similar to babysitting- especially if you’re caring for a puppy. But underneath the protection of your Blue Sky Scrubs, those muddy paws and wet noses will worry you no longer.

You can also wear retired medical scrubs while bathing animals; it’s much more preferable to soaking your favorite t-shirts and jeans in soapy, muddy-pup-water, isn’t it? Grooming is yet another perfect opportunity. Just think of all of that pet hair that usually spreads into the air and stock piles onto your clothing. Scrubs are easy to clean and care for, and you can wear your street clothes underneath. So, after Fido gets his bath, just strip your scrubs and toss them into the wash, and you’re ready to go throughout your day!

Outdoor Activities/Yard Work

Finally, yard work or outdoor activities. Mowing the lawn is one of our favorite uses for retired scrubs, as you can avoid staining your jeans with that freshly cut grass. Weeding the garden, transplanting plants, re-potting, laying sods of grass down… all of these chores can be done wearing retired scrubs! The most comfortable women's scrubs for medical professionals