Using Lanyards to Accessorize Your Scrub Outfit

Using Lanyards to Accessorize Your Scrub Outfit

Are you looking to fashionably accessorize your medical scrubs? What a wonderful idea! At Blue Sky Co. we offer the perfect accessories: all you need to do is find what you love, and place your order! Our excellent customer service will take care of the rest. From scrub caps, to sleeves, to lanyards- we have it all!

The Perfect Lanyards

Our lanyards are absolutely stunning in style and quality! Whether you’re looking to simply hang and hold onto your name badge, or you need something to better keep up with your keys or a special photo of a beloved child or pet, a lanyard is perfect for all of these purposes. This Circus lanyard features several bright, beautiful colors and will add some vibrance to your scrub uniform! We think this Marquesa lanyard would match flawlessly with your ceil blue scrubs from Blue Sky Co., and of course- carry your keys and name badge without a problem. You can also find these gorgeous earrings to match; how’s that for style?

Other Accessories from Blue Sky Co.

Sleeves! If you don’t prefer undershirts, if they add too much weight and warmth to your outfit, we invite you to try wearing sleeves with your medical scrubs. They only cover your arms, so you can keep them warm without having to change clothes mid-shift, or generally feeling uncomfortable. They can also be used to cover tattoos- if those aren’t part of your dresscode.

Scrub caps from Blue Sky Co. are incredibly popular, and you know why: they’re soft, beautiful in design, and fit to the T! Our Poppy, Pixie, and Pony scrub hats are designed just the way you’d want them (ask Shelby herself- she’s the creator, and our owner!). The Poppy is perfect as a bouffant-style scrub hat, the Pony, great for ponytails, and the Pixie is perfect for short haircuts.

To view our collection of medical scrubs and scrub accessories, visit our website today!