Use These Vibrant Fitted Scrubs Colors to Make Your Patients Smile

It’s not something we think about often, but our fitted scrubs colors can affect our patients, in both positive and negative ways! That’s why we suggest (if your dress code allows for it, that is) that you wear the most vibrant scrub colors to work! Below, check out five scrub colors that you’re bound to fall in love with- as well as your patients!

First, let’s check out this Royal Blue Technical Scrub Top! It’s the perfect shade of blue: bright and vibrant, you’re destined to love it!

Aquamarine looks great on a set of Classic Shelby scrubs. It’s a brilliant shade of blues mixed with greens; what’s not to love? Wear it with a cute Poppy scrub cap, or a matching aquamarine cap!

This Chloe Jade Classic Top is sure to put a smile on your patient's face! A light green color, its soothing shade is bound to ease those patients with anxious minds, or at least make them feel more comfortable around you.

Eggplant is one of our favorites. Its deep purple hue really stands out in a hallway of blue and white! Darker than French Lilac, these scrubs look great with a jet black or matching eggplant scrub cap!

And finally, we have Crimson Wine, and many more colors! Crimson Wine is a dark red color, almost magenta or burgandy. It’ll definitely revamp your wardrobe! You’ll love wearing it to work, standing out in the crowd, and cheering up your patients!

Blue Sky Co. is excited to offer so many color choices when it comes to medical scrubs! Don’t forget to log onto our website today to view the rest of our scrub colors! In addition to medical scrubs, we also offer lab coats, jackets and vests, scrub caps, and lanyards! So get to shopping; you won’t be disappointed!