Upgrading Your Outfit With The Luxurious Everly Scrub Top

You might love the scrubs you have right now, especially if they’re modern scrubs, luxurious Blue Sky Scrubs. But it's still nice to have something new and fresh in your wardrobe. If absolute comfort is what you’re after in your scrubs, then maybe what you have now still doesn’t quite cut it for you. But we have something that we know any medical professional will love as soon as they try it on. Let’s talk about our Everly ¾ Sleeve Scrub Top.

Lightweight, Comfy Fabric

Since we’re talking about something very different than our classic scrubs, first let’s explain the similarities, then we’ll move on to all the new stuff. Don’t worry, just because this is a new scrub top doesn’t mean it isn’t just as soft, stretchy, and flexible as our other scrubs. It's made with the same amazingly comfortable fabrics, and it has everything you could want in a new scrub top!

Unique, Luxurious Design

Now for the fun part, here’s everything that makes this scrub top new and unique. The most obvious difference, of course, is the ¾ sleeve design. You might be wondering why you would need sleeves at ¾ length. For many medical professionals, long sleeves can get in the way of their work, forcing them to roll up their sleeves, which can also be irritating or distracting. But if you switch to short sleeves, you might get too cold at work. For these reasons, we’re meeting your needs with the Everly ¾ Sleeve Scrub Top. It’ll allow you to be warm and comfortable without irritating you as you work!

We know as soon as you try this thing on, you’ll want to wear this scrub top every day. So what are you waiting for? Come check it out today by visiting the Blue Sky Scrubs website.