Under Or Over: Layering Options For Your Scrub Outfit

Here at Blue Sky Scrubs, we focus on providing medical professionals with luxurious, affordable ways to stay warm and cozy. Not only do we make super-comfy and stylish scrub tops and scrub pants in a wide variety of vibrant colors, but we also create tons of unique and stylish layers and accessories to help you keep warm, stylish and comfortable as you work.

Baselayers From Blue Sky

Whether you’re trying to deal with the cold weather outside or a chilly hospital interior, a baselayer under your scrubs is a great way to stay comfy without covering up those stylish scrubs. These comfortable undershirts will keep you just as warm as you need to be, without being bulky or restricting your movement at all. We make our base layers with only the finest fabrics available, and you’ll be able to tell as soon as you try one on.

Layering Over Your Scrubs

If you don’t mind putting something over your scrubs, our jackets and vests are a great way to enhance your medical outfit! We’ve got plenty of comfortable options for both men and women, and they’re sure to spruce up your outfit and impress those around you. Hop in a Blue Sky Scrubs jacket or vest today and see for yourself!

More Ways To Keep Warm

There are plenty more ways to keep warm with Blue Sky, like our scarves! We have three distinct styles of scarves for you to choose from, but we know you’ll love all three! And if your biggest reason for accessorizing your outfit is dealing with the cold, just imagine how warm and cozy you would be with a jacket or vest, undershirt, and a scarf on! To check out our base layers, jackets and vests, scarves and other medical apparel and accessories today, visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.