Top 3 Mistakes You Could Be Making with Your Medical Scrubs

Top 3 Mistakes You Could Be Making with Your Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs aren’t like any other clothing -- their fabric is different, their care is different. With such a demanding career, it’s tempting to cut corners. Laundry is time consuming, and we get it. But with some fabrics, attention to detail is necessary. If you miss a step, you could very well risk harming your beautiful nurse scrubs. That’s why we’ve compiled a few helpful hints at what not to do in the laundry room.

1.Skipping the Label

We’re not saying they’re difficult to clean, we’re just saying that damage could occur if you don’t follow their specific instructions. It’s always recommended to read the label before conducting any cleaning or even just throwing them in the wash.

2.Working at Stains

Stains happen -- it’s inevitable sometimes. But, the damage is in how you take care of those stains. With other clothes, you may scrub at stains when they occur. With scrubs, you may risk wearing down the fabric, or worsening the stain itself. Instead, spot treat the stain as soon as you notice it by blotting it until it’s removed. Your scrubs will definitely thank you.

3.Excessive Laundering

Medical scrubs, like other medical clothes, always need to be washed. However, the amount of detergent you use could actually be detrimental in the future. Never pour too much detergent in with your scrubs, the extra suds can mix with dirt and then get caught on the fabric. If it happens to get caught on a section that doesn’t rinse well (inside of a pocket, underneath a collar) it can eventually build up bacteria! Yikes!

But, detergent isn’t the only laundering technique you can use excessively. In most cases, you don’t want to throw your scrubs in the dryer -- but occasionally won’t hurt immediately. However, over time, those times in the dryer could damage the fabric. It’s always recommended to simply hang up each of your scrub pieces after they come out of the wash.

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