Time for Baby! Who's Wearing Scrubs?

Time for Baby! Who's Wearing Scrubs?

When it’s time for baby to make their grand entrance, the two most important factors for everyone are sanitation and comfort.

Your comfort stems from the clothes you wear - first and foremost. From mom and dad, to the medical staff (and especially the newest member in the room) - everyone should be comfortable.

On the other hand, your clothes need to be able to be washed easily. Especially in these instances, we all want to keep any germs from spreading. That brings us to our next topic...

So, besides the medical staff helping to delivery your baby, who’s wearing scrubs?

Optimal for the Environment

High quality medical scrubs are meant for this exact situation! They’re both comfortable and completely sanitary (and easy to keep that way).

Customizing Your Outfit

All clothes fit everyone differently, that’s why we’ve customized various surgical cap to ensure a perfect fit each and every time.

  • Dad

One of the most important questions of the day - what is dad wearing in the delivery room? What about after?

Scrubs are a great option for everyone, including dad. Blue Sky Scrubs has an incredible selection of men’s scrubs online that are guaranteed to be high quality and comfortable.

  • Mom

While recovering and soaking in the joy of welcoming your new little one, every mom deserves maximum comfort. Plus; matching scrubs for the whole family? Who could resist that photo opportunity?

  • Baby

While it’s true that babies outgrow their newborn clothes within a matter of weeks (sometimes even days), scrubs are comfortable, sanitary, and above all - one of the most adorable momentos you could have from the newborn stages.

Now, if you’re looking for the perfect pair of medical scrubs for yourself, your husband/wife, or child - you know where to find us! We’d be happy to help you find exactly what you need.