Three Comfortable Options For Men's Jackets And Vests

Whether you’re dealing with cold temperatures outdoors on your way to and from work, or you just work in a particularly cold medical facility, you need something comfortable over your scrubs to keep you warm. So today we’re going to help you out by showing off these three extremely comfortable outerwear options for men. We hope to give you a good idea of which one will fit you best in your workplace. To check them out for yourself, just visit the Men’s Outerwear page of our website.

Aspen Stretch Hybrid Jacket

The first option we’re going to take a look at is the Aspen Stretch Hybrid Jacket! This special jacket gets its extra stretch from the 15% spandex that its made with. This jacket is a great option for a long shift, wearing to a workout or wearing outdoors. The Aspen has two large bottom pockets and one chest pocket that allow you to carry around everything you’ll need on your shift or while you’re at the gym. And in case that wasn’t already good enough, the Aspen also comes with moisture-wicking properties, meaning you can sweat in it and the sweat won’t stay on your clothes or cause you any discomfort!

Hunter Lightweight Softshell Jacket

Next up, we’ve got the ultra-lightweight Hunter Jacket. It might be lightweight, but it can definitely keep you nice and warm in a chilly environment, and it’s still lightweight enough to not overheat you. Just like the Aspen, it has two large bottom pockets and one chest pocket. It also resists wind and water!

Highland Stretch Vest

Finally, we have our Highland Stretch Vest. This one is the perfect option for anyone who wants the wants the warmth and comfort of a jacket but doesn’t want sleeves restricting your arms while you work. The material of this vest is soft and very stretchy, optimizing your comfort and mobility while you work. To view the Highland Stretch Vest, or either of the jackets mentioned above, just visit the Men’s Outerwear page of our website.