Thinking Of Throwing Away Those Old Scrubs? Try This Instead

So you’ve recently been on the Blue Sky Co. website, and after seeing that we offer the most comfortable, stylish scrubs made from only the finest fabrics, you’ve decided to throw out those old, uncomfortable, bland medical scrubs, right? But slow down! We have some helpful tips on how to make great use of your medical scrubs even when they’re not good enough to wear to work anymore!

Washing The Car

When you’re washing your car, you might worry sometimes about getting things like tire grease, soap or dead bugs all over your clothes. Well, why not pop on those old medical scrubs! If you don’t wear them to work anyway, what harm can some tire grease cause?

Cleaning Around The House

Similarly to throwing away your car, if you’re doing a deep clean of the home and you’re messing with harsh cleaning chemicals, don’t risk getting them on your good clothes! Just use your old medical scrubs.

Painting Or Crafting

If you’re painting your home or doing a messy craft, there’s another great reason to pull out your old scrubs and not have any worries about your good clothes.

Bathing A Pet

We love our pets, but they can be messy! When you’re bathing a pet, they might splash water, soap or mud all over you. Make sure you’re wearing something that can handle it. Scrubs are an excellent option.

Comfy Relaxing

If the old scrubs that you’ve retired due to wear and tear are Blue Sky scrubs, then they’re probably still comfortable after all this time! In fact, our scrubs are made with such fine material that we can guarantee they’ll still be comfortable. With that in mind, why not just wear them when you’re relaxing at home and looking for something comfy?

To get yourself in some brand new comfy scrubs, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website and check out the collection.