These Super Comfy Shelby Scrubs Have Everything You Need

Working in the medical field can be challenging, and it's even more challenging if you aren’t wearing an outfit that keeps you comfortable. Wearing the right scrubs can make the difference between a bad day and a great one. Let’s take a look at a Blue Sky Scrubs classic, the Grey Label Shelby Scrubs, to see if they’re the scrubs that can improve your work day. Here are three reasons these scrubs may be exactly what you need in your scrub wardrobe.

Comfy Fit Form Blue Sky

The Grey Label Shelby Scrubs are considered a classic here at Blue Sky Scrubs, because they’ve been with us since the start, and they’re still a popular choice for customers. That’s because these scrubs are perfectly tailored in all the right places to fit just right, and they also have side slits to allow for easy movement! We know how busy you medical professionals are, and we wouldn’t want to slow you down! With the Shelby Scrub Top and the matching Shelby Scrub Pants, you’ll be ready for anything!

Color And Style

The way you look in your medical outfit matters too. We haven’t forgotten about style. We want you to wear scrubs that make you look as great as you feel in them! That’s why we offer such a wide variety of colors, so that you can find your perfect look!

All The Pockets You Need

With the Shelby Scrubs, you’ll get a sizable chest pocket, as well as two large back pockets on the pants! And if that’s still not enough, pair the scrubs with one of our gorgeous lab coats! We guarantee that the Shelby goes great with a lab coat.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the classic Shelby Scrubs and so much more from us by visiting the Blue Sky Scrubs website.