These Classic Scrubs Have Everything A New Medical Professional Needs

If you’re new to the medical uniforms workplace, you’re probably on the lookout for the right set of scrubs to wear into work. You should know that the scrubs you choose are extremely important, since your comfort level can affect your performance at work, and you want to make sure you have a professional appearance for patients, co-workers, and yourself! Let’s talk about three classic scrub sets that make excellent starter scrubs for new medical professionals.

Shelby Scrubs

Let’s start out with our classic set of women’s scrubs that we’ve had here at Blue Sky Scrubs since the very start. The Shelby scrubs are super comfy, and available in several vibrant colors and shades for you to choose from! The perfect scrub top to add to your wardrobe for a simple, professional look to take into your work environment and keep you feeling confident and comfortable. These scrubs are tailored to fit you just right.

Simple Scrubs

If you value simplicity in your outfits, but still want a luxurious fabric with a professional look, these are the scrubs for you. They’re so comfy that you might even want to wear them while you’re lounging around at home too! Whatever you plan on doing with them, the Simple Scrubs will be an easy fit, and it sure helps that they look fantastic!

David Scrubs

Now we have our classic men’s scrubs, the David Scrubs. This simplistic scrub design will fit perfectly in your wardrobe, and on you! These scrubs are wrinkle and fade resistant, they’re lightweight and they're sure to last you a very long time. These professional, simple, stylish scrubs are available in four professional shades for you to choose from; Jet Black, Ceil Blue, Navy Blue and Slate Grey.

If you’re a new medical professional on the hunt for a good set of scrubs, we hope it's been helpful to browse these options. We know these classic options won’t disappoint! To check out our full collection for yourself, visit the Blue Sky Scrubs website.