The Pros and Cons of Line Drying Your Scrubwear

Have you ever put your favorite, bright and vibrant set of scrubs through the washer and dryer, only to see them come out faded in color? This is a common problem faced by medical professionals like you, and you may think it's totally unavoidable! Well… We’re here to tell you that it isn’t! There just might be a way to keep the color in your scrubs, if you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit. Here are the Pros and Cons of line drying your scrubs.


When you put your scrubs through a machine dryer, they can experience fading in color, damage from heat and abrasions when scrubs rub against one another, breaking threads and causing the colors to fade even more. If you take the time to line dry instead, you won’t have to deal with any of those problems! If you’re able to just hang up a clothesline somewhere that receives circulating air and sunlight, preferably outside or by a window, then the scrubs will dry perfectly without any issues or fading!


There are however some major factors to consider when it comes to line drying. You’ll have to have a good place to hang up the clothesline first of all, and you’ll have to have the free time to set it all up and the time it takes for the clothes to dry. A machine dryer of course is much faster. But if you have time and don’t mind putting in the effort, give it a try!

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