The Proper Way to Clean Your Scrubs

So you’ve finally gotten around to purchasing a new set of scrubs, and you want to increase their longevity! That’s no problem; we have the right information for cleaning your scrubs which will help them stay in tip top shape- and last longer! Pair your scrubs with a 100% awesome scrub cap

Start Off With Quality Scrubs

It always helps to start with quality scrubs, like Blue Sky scrubs! Our scrubs are fashioned with a durability that you won’t believe. Bargain scrubs may feel nice to your wallet, but ultimately, you’ll get what you pay for.

Pre Wash Your Newly Bought Scrubs

Ah, prewashing, that’s the secret! Your scrubs will last longer and look more vibrant if you prewash them in warm to cool water, with ½ cup of white vinegar for sanitization.

Hang Your Scrubs to Dry

When possible, line dry your scrubs to keep them from fading or shrinking (although Blue Sky scrubs won’t shrink) in the dryer. It may seem like an old practice, but we assure you- it’s well worth the effort!

Use the Hot Iron

Grab that old iron out of your laundry room and press your scrubs! It’s an annoying chore, but you’ll be glad you did it in the long run. Using the hot iron will kill any remaining germs, and will also give them a crisp, professional appearance.

Tumble Dry on Low

Blue Sky scrubs should be tumble dried on the lowest setting. Doing so will help them become more flexible after ironing, making them far more comfortable to wear! There’s nothing better than a set of warm, flexible scrubs right out of the dryer.

We hope you follow these tips on washing and caring for your new Blue Sky scrubs! They’re made to outlast many washes and wears, so don’t fret too much, but these guidelines will certainly help. And don’t forget to check out our impressive collection of medical scrubs at