The Proper Way to Clean and Launder Your Scrubs

The Proper Way to Clean and Launder Your Scrubs

When it comes to cleaning your medical scrubs and preparing them for the next shift, there are a few things you can do to ensure that they look crisp, the colors stay vibrant, and that they last a long time. Let’s take a look at these few helpful hints, and hopefully that’s exactly what they’ll be: helpful. At Blue Sky Co., we want you to get the absolute most out of your medical attire!

First Things First

Follow the washing instructions on the label of your scrubs. The label could have very important details for washing your scrubs like tumble dry low, or wash in cold water only. There’d be nothing worse than shrinking your scrubs on their first wash, or ruining them all together!

Pre-Wash Your Scrubs

After you’ve purchased a brand new set of medical scrubs, it’s wise to give them a good old fashioned pre-wash. This helps the colors to set in so that your scrubs can stay vibrant after many wears!

Tackle Stains Immediately

Don’t walk around all day with that blood stain on your scrub top! Grab that hydrogen peroxide and blot it out, instead. It’s important to tackle stains immediately so that they don’t set in and ruin your favorite scrubs.

Wash Scrubs with Scrubs

For sanitary purposes, all of your medical scrubs should be washed together. Just as you’d separate your darks from your lights, separate your scrubs from your street clothes (and colors from whites, as well). Add extra water in the load so your nurse scrubs have more to rinse with, and won’t rub against each other as much!

Use That Old Hot Iron

We often exaggerate how much time it takes to iron our clothing; in reality, once you’re set up for the job, it doesn’t take too long! Using a hot iron on medical scrubs helps the colors to stay vibrant, and the material to stay crisp and clean.

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